Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a birthday post.

this past monday was my 26th birthday, and when i woke up that morning i was positive i was going to have a baby. a lot of people have commented that it would be hard to share a birthday, the last thing you have to yourself before a baby comes, but i love the idea! my mom and aunt have the same birthday and we always have a gay ol' time every january 30th (even though we're all constipated for a week following after eating 2 cakes in one day). much to my disappointment, though, no baby arrived but it was still one of the best days i've had in awhile...and here's why...

we started the day a little later than i had hoped (since i wake up at 5am without fail lately) but finally at 8am i asked ben if i could open my present. he agreed and i was excited to find that i got one of these:

it connects to your iphone so you don't have to put it up to your cheek (i always have my phone on speaker because i hate doing that...crisis averted now!)

we then got ready to go for a birthday lunch, and although i was really tempted to eat some indian buffet (and order the spiciest curry dish to get this baby out of me!), i opted for boston pizza instead. (i really like their lunch specials, ok?! and i'm not fancy...) 
**side note: ben laughs at me because i've been getting ready every morning just in case i go into labor (like i'm really going to care what i look like when i'm hip-deep in placenta juice, right?)**

as many of you already know, the only thing i really asked for my birthday was a chocolate cake that would put bruce bogtrotter's to shame... we grabbed some cupcakes from bliss & co. after lunch and let me tell you, i couldn't even get through half of one before i was sick to my stomach (a good kind of sick, though!)

we walked around the mall for about an hour until i could have sworn the baby's head was wedged between my legs (turns out i just had to go #2). apparently i had partied too hard because 10 minutes after we got home, i was passed out cold on the couch for a good 3 hours. during that time, sneaky ben ran out and bought me some more presents: a bag of mini eggs, old dutch dill pickle chips, real eggs (we were out), and this rocking chair: 


...sooo ever since we moved to calgary last year and realized ikea is just a 10 minute drive down the road, we've become a little obsessed. (i'm looking around my house right now and am pretty sure every other piece of furniture is from the ever-addicting swedish brand.) and it doesn't help that every time we have family come visit we make a trip over there too (ok...we love any excuse to go!) last week when we were there with my parents who were driving through town on their way to kananaskis, we saw this rocking chair and thought it might be handy for when the baby arrives. in the end we didn't get it since i do have a perfectly good, yet uncomfortable, eames one but ben being the guy he is went and got it for me anyway. 

just giving it a test run to see if it calms a cranky baby (bruce on the other hand, not so much)...

and then ben proved to be the great guy he is by making me a chocolate cake that anyone would risk the "chokey" to eat! (am i the only one getting the matilda references?!)

we finished the night by finally watching the new episode of the walking dead, and for the first time in a long time we sat on the same couch and cuddled (not because our marriage is on the rocks, we just have really small couches and would prefer to have one for each of us!)

the best part of the whole day, though, was being able to spend it with this handsome brute! it's funny what pregnancy does to you: i know i love ben and appreciate everything he does for me, but there's a different degree of love that forms when i think about him being the father of the little nut whose currently occupying my uterus and making sleep completely impossible...and that one part of this child is me, the other half him...i could not ask for a better baby-daddy! 

i remember the first month we started seriously dating, and how frustrated i was that ben was so shy and wouldn't really open up and i almost broke it off with him completely. one night i talked to him about it and to this day i vividly remember his response: 

"well sara, i really like you and i don't want to lose you, so i will do whatever it takes to win you over." 

little did he know he did just that with those simple words. 

i was to the point in my life where i was tired of falling for gay men (ok...that only happened once...maybe twice...the jury's still out on the second guy) and from that night on i have had my mind only set on ben...

and it only took him 1.22222 seconds to win me over. 

(thanks for a great day, a wonderful life, and an unfettered love that i still can't believe i deserve!)


The Dudleys said...

You are so close! Sounds like a great birthday!

Morgan Reece said...

Always love your posts. Very raw and real. :) thanks for sharing and happy birthday!

Elaine Hearn said...

you're too funny. happy bday! and hurry up baby!

Natalia said...

Hi beautiful!

I think that this post is really beautiful...and happy birthday! do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

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