Monday, August 19, 2013

the 6 month itch...

jane is officially six months old today...and it's kind of bitter sweet. 

for starters, that means only 6 more months of stayathomemomminess for me: after that no more pj's 'til 10 in the morning, afternoon walks to the mall, or government checks that come every 2 weeks so i can shop survive. i have really enjoyed this time i've had with jane, and am happy that i decided to take the full year off instead of the 3 months i had initially worked out with my employer (i know...what the crap was i thinking?!). i don't know how women who live in countries  (where maternity leaves are bitty or non existent) can go back to work 6 weeks later. at that time i was still getting to know jane, all her habits, quirks (yes...6 week old babies have quirks- just ask prudey-mcgee when she stopped breast feeding in public for me) and the thought of not having that time with jane every day ALL day makes me realize how lucky we have it here in thank you, big guy (girl?)! your weather sucks and brendan frasier is an embarrassment to the entire nation but you've really pulled through for me these past 6 months. 

another reason is that jane is starting to grow out of some of her clothes and i'm in serious denial. not that i don't want her to grow, of course i do, it's just a sign of the times to me...soon she'll be walking and then talking...and then walking and talking, and then wanting to hang out with her friends over me and then one of those friends will mysteriously die and someone who knows all her secrets will be sending her threatening texts signed "A" and she'll have an affair with her high school english teacher. 

(sooo...i've watched two seasons of pretty little liars in less than a week...jealous?) 

but i still worry! i want this little girl to be as happy and content as she is right now. she could use a bit more hair but other than that FREEZE EVERYTHING ELSE! this past week i have thought about this a lot since jane got her first cold and wouldn't let me get a minute of rest. i have a hard time sleeping it as it is (read: I DON'T SLEEP) so as i held jane at night hoping she could get a decent night's snooze i tried not to be angry or frustrated with her. how do you politely tell a baby that they're being a real kill-joy, you know? as i sat there holding my snot-infested infant, i stroked her ever-so-soft white skin and listened to her snore like a baby bear.

and it was perfect. 

these past 6 months have been such a wild card for me; every time i think i have this mothering thing down, jane throws me another curve ball just so i don't think about becoming complacent. 

at 6 months jane is: 

-still smiling! she is such a happy baby, i'm so relieved. i had nightmares before jane was born that i'd have a really angsty, emotional baby so i'm glad she's saving that all up for jr. high!

-drooly. everyone keeps saying that she's probably teething but i'm beginning to think she's just rabid. 

-vocal! jane will be sitting in her exersaucer and out of nowhere start screeching. i think something's wrong but when i turn to her she has the biggest smile on her face. so i don't think she even knows whether or not she's sad or happy. 

-grabby. put anything within her reach, guaranteed it will be in that girl's hand and then her mouth in less than a second. 

-needy. needy. needy. the first 4 months of jane's life she was so independent; didn't need to be rocked to sleep or even have me in the same room as her...but now, holy canoly she's worse than your roommate after a sticky break-up! (there's not even pints of ice cream involved, sheesh.)

-sucking on her lower lip. i want to record this because ben is certain that jane got my lips but one night while ben was on his lap top i noticed HE was sucking on his lower lip! so now i just think jane is all ben: hands, feet, height, skin, lips, AND chin. i'm ok with this, though. my brother in-law told me that back in the caveman days, the more the baby looked like the father the more likely the dad would provide for the mom and baby and not leave them to starve and die. even though ben is in saskatchewan for work right now, i have all the faith in the world he'll come back to us since that dimple chin on jane certainly isn't the milk man's! 

(haha...i wonder if milk men still exist.) 

-and lastly, over the weekend jane learned to sit up on her own! go get 'em tiger! 


Elaine said...

hahah literally laughed out loud at your brother in law's comment.

and baby jane is adorable. i want her.

Alex said...

Jane is very lucky to have a momma like you.

Also, the milk man profession is still alive and well, or at least it is in England. A man in a truck comes along my street most mornings and delivers fresh milk to my neighbour's door!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Could she be any cuter!?!?

Hena Tayeb said...

she is so cute.